Best Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Puyallup, Tacoma & Throughout Pierce, King, Thurston & Whatcom Counties

Improve sanitation & reduce risk of fire with professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning including ducts, filters & fans. Serving Puyallup, Graham & Pierce County.The kitchen hood in your restaurant, school, hospital, care facility or other food service setting is a workhorse of your operations. From ducts to filters to fans, all components must work in unison to maintain high air quality and safe and sanitary working conditions. Regularly scheduled commercial kitchen hood cleaning plays a big role in keeping food operations clean, productive and efficient.

Why Our Commercial Hood Cleaning is a Step Above

Not all commercial hood cleaning services are created equal. Unfortunately, many services leave high amounts of grease in those parts of hood, ducts and fans that aren’t readily visible. Doing it thoroughly and properly requires the right tools, methods, solutions and, most importantly, experience and high attention to detail. Using advanced cleansers, precision cleaning tools and our own deep experience with how to do it best and most efficiently, PNW Kitchen Pros technicians lift away all layers of grease and grime, bringing all your exhaust system surfaces completely back to bare metal. Also unlike many other cleaning services, we don’t leave a mess on the floor and other surfaces after hood cleaning. Our clients are always so pleased that we leave those areas as clean or cleaner than before we started, which is not very common in our industry.

Compliance & Inspection Benefits

Professional help with keeping your kitchen hood(s) in top shape doesn’t just increase efficiency. Our pros understand industry standards and the safety regulations that must be met, and make sure you’re meeting them. All our hood cleaning is done to NFPA 96 standards, and we’re also happy to educate your staff in the identification of problems requiring repair. And our commercial hood fan, fire suppression system, and commercial kitchen equipment detailing services are always at your service, too.

Why is NFPA 96 Cleaning So Important?

Many hood cleaning services clean to lower standards than the ones we observe, but if your kitchen ever experiences a fire and your insurance company becomes involved, not having proof your hood was cleaned to NFPA 96 standards could mean the difference between being covered and not. In fact, many of our clients tell us that after using a different cleaning company for many years, then using our service which includes before and after photos taken by our duct cameras of areas not otherwise visible, they see such a difference with our service. If there’s ever a fire, your insurance company will require before and after photos as a condition of coverage, which most cleaning companies don’t provide, and even if they did, the ‘after’ photos would often not meet insurance company requirements.  PNW Kitchen Pros always provides before and after images, and the ‘after’ condition always meets those standards. Protect your company by making sure you have visible documentation that cleaning was done to the highest standards. Don’t settle for anything less than NFPA 96 service by an IKECA-certified cleaning contractor.

Customer-Centered Service

Best Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Puyallup, Graham & Pierce CountyWe understand how busy kitchen operations are, so we work hard to minimize any disruption our services cause to your schedule or routine. Also to save you time, we stay on top of your scheduled needs so you can remain compliant with local fire, safety and health department regulations without having to watch the calendar.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Pierce, King, Thurston & Whatcom Counties

With over two decades of experience in commercial kitchen cleaning for local restaurants, schools, hospitals, care facilities and more, our services all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Licensed, bonded and insured, our team foreman is IKECA-certified, we work to NFPA 96 standards, and we welcome the opportunity to restore systems that haven’t been properly cleaned in the past. Contact us for a free estimate and discover the best commercial kitchen hood cleaning services in the Puget Sound area!

100% Guaranteed Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Pierce, King, Thurston & Whatcom Counties

Serving Bellevue, Bonney Lake, Centralia, Eatonville, Enumclaw, Fife, Fircrest, Gig Harbor, Graham, Lacey, Lakewood, Olympia, Orting, Puyallup, Renton, Sumner, Tacoma, University Place & all of Pierce, King, Thurston & Whatcom Counties