Fire Detection & Fire Suppression for Commercial Kitchens in Sumner: Learn the Difference

fire suppression for commercial kitchens

An uncontrolled fire in your commercial kitchen can jeopardize not just your staff but your entire business. It can start quickly, and if you’re not prepared, spread even faster. It’s why fire detection and fire suppression for commercial kitchens are so important. Learn the difference between the two and get a basic overview of how they work to make sure you have the right system installed in your kitchen.

Fire Detection

Detection systems raise an alarm to get your attention and prompt you to take urgent action. They typically include manual call stations, too. These systems usually work with sensors that are triggered when smoke or heat interrupt their function. Some detectors pick up smoke and heat, giving you a greater umbrella of safety.

Fire Suppression

Suppression systems work to overpower a fire immediately and limit its effects before it can spread out of control. Because of the nature of kitchen fires, suppression systems do not typically include water, like sprinkler systems do. Instead, they use other methods to fight fire, including chemical foam to blanket flames and choke them of oxygen. These systems also automatically trip gas and electrical lines to further starve a fire, fast.

Best Fire Detection and Suppression Practices for Your Commercial Kitchen

Having a combined detection and suppression system offers you a wider net of protection over relying on a single system. It’s also essential to keep up with your commercial kitchen hood cleaning and fan service schedule to minimize the risk of fire. 

Need Help With Fire Suppression for Commercial Kitchens in Sumner?

Regular inspection and maintenance of your systems are key to a safe workplace, and PNW Kitchen Pros’ strong reputation for excellence has been built through hard work and integrity in everything we do. Our commercial kitchen service teams work to NFPA 96 standards, cleaning and servicing your system –- including the hoods, hood filters, ducts and fans–to bare metal. Our kitchen hood cleaning, kitchen hood fan repair and service, and fire suppression for commercial kitchens include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call to book an appointment with our licensed, insured and bonded team today. 

Maximize Protection with Effective Fire Suppression for Commercial Kitchens in Sumner

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